About us

Our Story

Because we both started off as solopreneurs, we know the challenges of trying to build your brand on your own. Through lots of trial and error, we were able to "figure it out" individually. Yet, it wasn’t until we partnered up when we found true success - and more happiness - in running our business.

We understand the importance of partnership and that’s why we want to partner with you. Combined, our expertises are two parts of the perfect formula for an unstoppable digital strategy for your business.


Graphic Designer & Photographer

Marie believes a successful design can evoke a special emotion. It’s not just about seeing a design - it’s about experiencing it. She trained in Graphic Design during her studies and obtained her diploma in Applied Arts. Through studying a subject, its environment, its competition, its  audience, and finding the ideal visual answer for it, she has a holistic understanding of the creative process. After a few years working as a freelancer, she started her own jewelry brand and set up her first business in 2009. She designed everything, the website, the graphics communication strategies and she directed the photo shoots. Marie designed all the content to help the brand quickly grow. In 2015, she decided to return to her first love: pure graphic design. She passionately transforms any idea into amazing designs.


Account Manager & Web Developer

After graduating from International Business, Amélie further learned from her experiences in the design, event, luxury, and packaging industries at large multinational companies and small businesses. She is especially skilled at listening to her clients’ goals and finding ways to achieve them based on the current trends in the industry.  For Iconink, she carefully manages projects and build websites with a special attention to details. Her expertise allows her to offer constructive advice to her clients. Her traveler lifestyle has brought her to an open mindset and great ability to adapt. Every challenge becomes an opportunity to excel in her work and offer the best to her client.


Help you enhance your image

Today, your online presence is very important, no matter what size or structure your company is. So you’d better turn it to your advantage and make a good impression !

You're wondering how to optimize the content of your website? You want to make sure that it is responsive (i.e not adapted to smartphones and tablets) and intuitive? Are you, like most of the business owners,  running out of time? Maybe you have settle for some standard business cards or logo that are blent in with the crowd without taking into account the impact of graphic designs that don't represent the quality of your service?

Because we are managers of companies and entrepreneurs, we have already been through this! We know all the ins and outs and we are here to assist you in every way that we can. We learnt how to deal with these challenges by ourselves and thanks to this experience, we can save you a precious time. 

Creative and passionate, we love throwing ourselves into projects and bringing your ideas into life. Our goal is to find solutions that reflect your activity, your ambition and your personality.

Let’s work together and take your business off to the next level!