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Keemia Campus, a marketing agency spread throughout the territory, is the leading marketing operator in France. Every day, it becomes part of the daily life of students by giving expertise with more than 300 days per year of activities and digital interactions on the ground.


The creation of the website for this Marketing Agency required teamwork and many conversations before even starting the design. We worked closely with the Keemia Campus team to decide on the most relevant UX. Once the website plan was established, we had fun creating a design with some illustrations that would appeal to both students and brands. We have implemented a strong composition with contrasting colors. We have also developed unexpected animations with, among others, the menu and the buttons.


We created custom illustrations, some of them are animated, to make the content of this Marketing agency's website more dynamic. A very stylized design, minimalistic figures, in motion. We have also developed a whole series of pictograms which adds modernity to the whole visual identity.

"We called on Marie and Amélie for the second time for the creation of this website and I congratulate them for their creativity, and above all their perseverance in delivering an optimal tool for us! I strongly recommend them!"

Laurie Scherrer