Sébastien Gourgeon
Hair Salon

+ Web Design

+ Branding

+ Copywritting

+ Content Creation & Storytelling on Instagram

Sébastien GourgeonHair Salon

Sébastien Gourgeon is a renowned hair salon in Provence, South East of France. He has always been a passionate hairdresser, cherishing his salon, his team and his clientele. He joined the L'Oréal Pro team, being one of its 20 expert hairdressers in the country. This is a leap forward in his career: it allows him to become a trainer for the famous brand and to participate in numerous conferences. He asked us to work on his online image. We therefore took charge of the creation of the Hair Salon's website, his Instagram strategy, all of his Press articles and Print focuments, etc.

Web Design

Sébastien Gourgeon likes French chic, fashion, luxury and is a professional with a lot of expertise. We designed a website matching his image, a design full of light and contrast with a touch of rock style. We created a website with an intuitive navigation, strong visuals made especially for the Hair Salon website, a chic and refined look, black & white, with modern and elegant animations that gives a podium aspect to his entire visual identity.

Branding & Copywriting

Over the different projects, we have created a series of images in harmony with the visual identity of the hair salon. For the website as well as all Print and Press media, we wrote all the texts, which we enjoyed very much.

Content creation on Instagram

In order to establish the perfect storytelling for the Hair Salon's Instagram account, we first observed his work, his clientele, his team and Sébastien's personality. We do regular photo shoots of the daily life in the hair salon, the customers, the team. We publish a feed that is chic and local, which grows a sens of proximity with the clients. A dynamic content that tells the story of the salon while growing his audience.

"High quality work and very good advice. These 2 girls will bring you high-end professional expertise. Thank you very much for your work!"

Sébastien Gourgeon