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Cindy Amara

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Web Design Coach Sportive Cindy

Cindy is an accomplished and passionate personal trainer. She coaches a lot of people, in groups or in one-man. She animates Nike events too in Paris, Stockholm and other places in the world by running huge fitness classes and runnings. She has been noticed by several brands and became their muse for ad campaigns or for their Youtube channels.

The Personal Trainer has already a good reputation but has no platform to show her work online. The creation of the website for this Coach had to be in her image and bring together all her activities, news, partnerships, etc.

Web Design

Cindy and her work are dynamic by definition. We thus decided to design her website with strong and powerful pictures. She already had beautiful shots but we had more colorful pictures in mind. We did these bright pictures in a studio! We played with the depths of field or with the font details in order to galvanize the website. Different poses to show her different facets. And some animations and dynamic, let's even say explosive, editing show Cindy's personality on every pages.

About Cindy

J’ai toujours aimé les challenges et me dépasser, au travers des différents sports que j’ai pratiqué. Je ne suis pas dans la recherche esthétique, mais plutôt dans la reconnection avec soi. S’aimer et aimer son corps est un long processus. Cela passe par la prise de conscience de ses propres capacités physiques et mentales. Je vois l’entraînement comme un moyen de se préparer à la vie. Aux coups durs comme aux cadeaux.

Shooting Photo Coach Sportive Cindy

Branding & Photo Shoot

Here are some examples of the pictures shot for the Personal Trainer. A photo shooting in a studio and another one outside allowed us to create a set of interesting photos for her website, her communication and her social medias.


The Personal Trainer wanted a website to show all of her services but didn't know where to start to introduce herself. We therefore guide her in this process and rewrite all of her texts to allow her to get more customers through her website.