Tom Marvel
Photography Director

+ Web Design

Création Site Web Directeur de Photographie

Tom Marvel is a talented Director of Photography from California. He grew up in an artists family and naturally moved to Hollywood. Passionate about lighting, Tom crossed the world to be part of exciting projects. He worked on big productions with worldwide reputation directors, actors or singers, as well as on small projects and short films, only listening to his yearnings.

Web Design

Tom Marvel has an impressive experience but he is really modest. We wanted to show his amazing work while revealing a little bit of his personality. A simplistic design in order to put his work in the center of the website. His instruction was : Less is more! In order to build a graphic website without any flourish, as the customer wanted, we agreed on a white background and a rhythm between pictures and titles. Subtle animations are used to show the actions contained in his work.

Tom Marvel - Directeur de Photographie, L.A.Tom Marvel - Directeur de Photographie, L.A.Tom Marvel - Directeur de Photographie, L.A.

"Web Design has always been a challenge for me : finding the right balance between its function which is to showcase my work while also engaging the visitor with its own aesthetic presentation. Like the image in a movie should support and never overpower the story, the website needs to share information without calling too much attention to itself. I shared with Iconink my needs and vision and it is clear that they understood perfectly what needed to be done. I appreciate that Iconink pushed me a little outside of my own aesthetic conventions. In todays world of flashy eye-catching visuals, I wanted a simple and elegant design, nothing can be harder to achieve than a simplicity that is captivating, and they got it, it is a breath of fresh air. Iconink understands the mysterious world of web traffic, they are visually creative and it's a pleasure to work with them. The work speaks for itself. Thank you!"

Tom Marvel